Sunday, September 19, 2010

For iPhone users

There are many reasons to use GVMax these include:
- Being able to get SMS/VM notification on your computer's desktop via GTalk (and being able to reply from the IM program)
- Sending group SMS messages
- HttpPost and general API access to GV.
- Auto responding to SMS

But I suspect most people use GVMax for the original reason it was built for, namely to be able to be notified of SMS/VM on the iPhone. Of those people I would say around 2/3rd of them use it via an IM client on the iPhone such as Beejive or Meebo. This is because until recently this was the most seemless way to integrate GV with a non-jailbroken iPhone.

Recently Apple has allowed a couple of Google Voice native applications into its AppStore. This is great news ofcourse. Unfortunately currently both of these applications do not provide push notifications. This can be fixed by using GVMax together with Prowl. GVMax monitors your GV account for SMS/VM and tells Prowl to notify the user. The cool thing about Prowl is that it is them able to redirect the notification straight into GVMobile+ or GV Connect.

So to these people I suggest that they switch to using the GVMax/Prowl configuration (see my previous posts on how to set that up).


  1. So far I tested out GV Mobile.. I have been using that since it first appeared in the App Store. BUt I really prefer using GVMAX with Beejive.

    It seems GV Mobile have a hard time working on 3G and gvmax works great on edge. With the ggc codes etc, it basically replaced GV Mobile for me.

  2. I read the "user manual" and am hard pressed to understand the advantage over how it worked before version 2.0 of the windows phone 7 GoVoice app. User namual states:

    "When you receive an SMS or a Voicemail on your Google Voice number you can ask Google to send you an email notification. GVMax uses these email notifications from Google to extract the sms and voicemail and then sends you notifications."

    But google voice will send me the notifications without GVMax. I duly note some stated advantages (group sms) but for one who only cares about being notified of voice mail messages what is in the GVMax forwarded notification that would not be in the notification sent directly to my email (accessible from my phone) from Google Voice? Clearly I might have missed something but I do not see what value is added from the forwarding of a message (which I would have gotten on my phone anyway) through a 3rd party (GVMax).

    Illuminate me please. Maybe I am dense but the user manaual explanation was not so compelling.

  3. Hi there, I wanted to contact you to see if its possible to support GVMAX to send notification to windows phone 7. Based on the current apis, it should be pretty simple. Please let me know.


  4. Pat, it has to do with push notifications. If you simply use emails as notifications, those open up your email client.

    Using GVmax allows native google voice applications to be alerted thus making the process more seamless.

    Hope that makes sense.

  5. ashterisk Go ahead, GoVoice uses GVMax for that exact process. Let me know how you get on.

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