Saturday, May 28, 2011

smoking cessation program - Auto Responder

I created an app engine application that performs the same task as GVMax's autoresponder.

Basically it will send an SMS back to any person who sends you an SMS.

I did this app for a smoking cessation program and wanted it to be more reliable than GVMax.

In addition to what GVMax does, this app allows the admin to specify multiple SMS responses so if a client sends multiple SMSs he gets multiple different responses.

I will probably open source this aswell (like gvmax-post), but I still need to remove some stuff specific to the particular smoking cessation program I was working with.

ps: The app allows the admin to manage multiple numbers as well.

HTTP Post Service

GVMax has been a bit moody the last few weeks and the problem is probably related to GTalk notifications.

Since a lot of the new users use GVMax to perform an HTTP Post (mainly WM7 users) I decided to split that functionality out into a separate service .

To use it you will need to :
1- Forward your GV emails to
2-Log into the service at and type in the HTTP Post URL you want to use.

I will probably provide an API for WM7 Phone developers so that they can do step 2 for there users automatically.

As for step 1, you create the gmail filter in the same way you would do in GVMax (if doing it manually (, but forward it to instead.

This app runs wholly app engine it should be VERY reliable, since it does very little.

And by the way it is open source ( )